Signature Blend Nº 1 Signature Blend Nº 1
  • 🔥 Best-Seller

Signature Blend Nº 1

Tastes Like: Caramel, Almond, Chocolate
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Colombia El Carmen Nº 50 Colombia El Carmen Nº 50
  • 🔥 Best-Seller

Colombia El Carmen Nº 50

Tastes Like: Caramel, Chocolate, Red fruits
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The Italian Job Blend Nº 2 The Italian Job Blend Nº 2
  • 🔥 Best-Seller

The Italian Job Blend Nº 2

Tastes Like: Dark chocolate, Walnut
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Swiss Water Decaf Blend Nº 11 Swiss Water Decaf Blend Nº 11

Swiss Water Decaf Blend Nº 11

Tastes Like: Chocolate, Spice, Malt
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Brazil Fazenda Campestre Nº 109 Brazil Fazenda Campestre Nº 109

Brazil Fazenda Campestre Nº 109

Tastes Like: Dark chocolate, Molasses, Red apple
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Chatswood Blend Nº 6 Chatswood Blend Nº 6

Chatswood Blend Nº 6

Tastes Like: Big chocolate
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Studies show workers who have access to good coffee are happier and more productive. (We made this up but we're pretty sure it's true).


nerds since '94

No jargon, no BS, just great coffee, made simple.

Always Fresh Roasted.

When you order coffee online, we roast and post it tomorrow. You can't get fresher than that!

The Very Best Beans

We pay more because they're top quality- but also because producers deserve a proper cut.

Responsible Farming

All our producers are dedicated to farming the right way. That means treading lightly, respecting their land and looking after their people.


Rave Training & Support

Whether you're opening your first café or looking to revamp your coffee offering, Rave is here to help you achieve coffee greatness! Our dedicated Wholesale Team is ready to provide all the training and support you need to start and soar. We'll assist you in choosing the perfect coffee and equipment for your business, designing your menu, keeping your machines in top-notch condition, steaming milk, dialling in espresso, and serving the best coffee in the UK. With years of experience in hospitality and speciality coffee, our coffee-keen crew make Rave the ideal partner to set you up for success and tackle any challenges along the way. If you have any questions about how we can help you please write to us at wholesale@ravecoffee.co.uk or click the button below to contact us.


Can you supply my business with great coffee?

Yes. Our Coffee is currently being brewed all over the UK and enjoyed in a range of businesses such as cafes, restaurants, hotels, offices, co-working spaces, kiosks and more.

Do you have minimum order quantities?

We just ask that your order enough to fill a box, which we set at £86 as that would cover 5 x 1kg of our best selling ranges.

Do you charge for shipping?

No - All wholesale partners receive free next day despatch on a 24 working Hour shipping.

When do you roast & how soon can I get my coffee?

We roast Monday - Friday, all orders placed before midday will be roasted and dispatched the same day. This can change depending on exterior forces such as national holidays or disruptions with Royal Mail/Courier services, we will always communicate with you if this is likely to affect your order.

Can we try before we buy?

Of course, we encourage you to! If you’re able to come into Rave HQ, we welcome anyone who is considering our coffee to join us for a tour and a brew so you can try for yourself. If you can’t make it in we can arrange samples for you to try at home.

Can you provide us with training?

Absolutely - We want all of our wholesale partners to have the skills and knowledge to serve great coffee. All customers receive free training to ensure you have everything you need to dial in, pull shots, steam milk & clean your machinery.

Do Rave provide machinery sales or leases?

We work with Sanremo UK and Mahlkoenig for our traditional machine users, Bestir for automatic machine users and The Coffee Lobby to provide the best service in installation, service, repairs and much more. Please see our equipment page for our recommended range of espresso machines, grinders and more.

I’m not sure what coffee or equipment I need to get set up - can you help?

Of course, we have many years of experience in the hospitality and specialty coffee industry behind us. We understand the unique needs of each individual customer. Please send us an email with any enquiries and our team will be happy to help.